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Xavier Forceville

Inserm CIC INSERM 1414, France


A French M.D., Ph.D., Intensivist, Anesthesiologist, Nutritionist, former Head of ICU, with research interests focusing on infection since 1989, and since 1994 on selenocompounds (selenoprotein-P, Na-selenite) and selenium in the early diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. Scientific researcher in the biochemical approach of sepsis combining ICU experience (35 years Hospital practitioner and ICU Head) and biochemical expertise (25 years) acquired thanks to extensive informal networks with internationally recognized scientific biochemical teams. Innovative pathophysiological approach of selenocompounds in sepsis tested in partnerships with leading international scientific and ICU teams. Recognized as an expert and invited as guest speaker to key international congresses in biochemistry and ICU.
Received Executive MBA from France’s best business school. Founder of a biotechnical start-up in 2005, Awarded as best start-up in new technology in Emergence and in Creation by the French Ministry of Research, Partnership with the French Armed Forces Biological Research Institute, Rennes University (multicenter double-blind randomized study on selenite in ICU septic shock patients, Health Ministry financing). Charité Freie Universität Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin, FUB) Germany, Free University Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles, ULB) Belgium, ECCRN (European Critical Care Research Network), European Society of Intensive Care Medicine; TianJin University, China. French National Veterinary University of Alfort (Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, ENVA), France.
Last bound review and forum review articles: Selenocompounds and Sepsis, Redox Bypass Hypothesis: Part A: Early acute phase of sepsis an extraordinary redox situation (Leukocyte/Endothelium Interaction Leading to Endothelial Damage) X Forceville, P Van Antwerpen, JC Preiser, Antioxid Redox Signal. 2021;35(2):113-38; Part B: Selenocompounds in the Management of Early Sepsis X Forceville, P Van Antwerpen, D Annane, JL Vincent Antioxid Redox Signal. 2022;;37(13-15):998-1029.

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